Trouble You Invite

by The Wild Maps

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Team Oktopus This album still gives us goosebumps EVERY time we listen to it. This music is better than having superpowers. Favorite track: Trouble You Invite.
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released August 3, 2012

Produced and Engineered by Anna Su and Nate Vaughan
Artwork by Kim Grosser

Rachel Vaughan - vocals, banjo, ukulele
Anna Su - vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, organ
Nate Vaughan - vocals, guitar, mandolin, tambourine
Kris Karlsson - bass, guitar, piano, mandolin
Mike Lindsay - drums
Sean Pawling - trombone
Ross Garren - harmonica



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The Wild Maps Los Angeles, California

Born to commemorate the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic, The Wild Maps tell stories of seabreeze heartache and landlocked ambition.

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Track Name: Cicadas
everyone knows that james is sad
his lips have never known a night
without a woman kissing him back
but still he sleeps alone
is that a good way to go?

once I held a wooden heart
I carved from black pine bark
and left it by your weathered doorway in the dark
but I'm the one who knows
it's better if I go

oh, the hills are for crying
and mornings are for feeling cold
cicadas sing it when I'm leaving
some things are better never known

caroline is never sweet
unless she shuts her sailor mouth and starts to sing
but everyone knows
everyone knows
that's not a good way to go

something kept your heart from mine
but how could I have ever thought it otherwise
when I took your hand
and held it close
but couldn't lift my eyes to yours?
Track Name: How Far Does This Highway Go?
Long as I remember I was a curious soul
So I lit out down the road
I left from Memphis reckon 'round last year
to see where this old highway goes

Mississippi came and Mississippi went and I ain't got nothing to show
Going down to Louisiana so my blue eyes see
How far this old highway goes

Well hummingbirds make a whole lot of buzz
But it don't mean nothing, no
I don't pay no mind to their hummingbird song
Just keep a walking this open road

With every new step I get further still
From all the good things that I've known
You see, good things won't keep me satisfied
When there's before me this open road

So come along with me far as you like
But don't expect for me to slow
See we won't make it long unless you're curious as me
To see where this old highway goes
Track Name: Till the Crows Come Calling Home
Go stand on my doorstep
While the gas lamps burn in two
I’m going to make it happen
Going to make it up for you

Send you all my letters
By a postal truck at dawn
They’re flying over Kansas
And they’ll show up on your lawn

And you’re going to sing my soul
And you’re going to sing it low
You’re going to sing it lovestruck
Till the crows come calling home

I got you where the rain falls
It’s a lonely time of year
So fly me out to Moscow
And we’ll pick it up from there

And all these cardboard boxes
They’re a home away from home
So send me stars of my town
And I wont ever be alone
Track Name: Devil
devil in my doorway trying to drag my soul away
I told him take this old guitar
cause I’ll be singing silent
before I let him dig my grave

the road is wild lover but the city is my spine
they tried to weigh me down in nashville
but I returned to memphis
so I could finally do it right

victory in jesus said the whisper I forgot
I’m gonna make that whisper louder
when I arrest the thief who’s
been stealing all my thoughts

devil took my money but I still got both my arms
I’m gonna lift your weary head
and dig up all the coins
you used to bury in the yard

trunk full of all our failures
we're gonna drive over their intent
the moment you think it's too late
couldn't ever be a better moment to repent
Track Name: Crick
I saw a sign in the sky
believe it, receive it,
or call it a lie
but I saw a sign in the sky

my little crick's running dry
the silo is still standing
and the grasses grow high
but my little crick's running dry

she had two brown eyes like mine
but don't look too close
or you'll beg to go blind
she had two brown eyes like mine
Track Name: Monsters
See the monsters tall
Holding that crystal ball
Letting their hair go grey
Just like my love for you

And see the smokestacks rise
The white clouds in the skies
Colliding sheets of air
Shaped like my love for you

Those nightmare winds
That blew you 'round for years
They can't touch you here
Call it fate
Call it whatever you please
Just stay right here with me

I bought up all your cars
Put all their keys in jars
Then paid off all your loans
Just to show my love for you

I threw your pictures out
Left you no room for doubt
Then filled my notebooks up
With all my love for you
Track Name: The Hills Are Talking
It's a beautiful day
But I've a melancholy heart
I've come all this way
Out to where you are
But the hills are talking
They're talking about us

And the flowers bloom
All red and gold
But I'm colorblind
At least that's what I'm told
You're as dry as the straw
Beneath my toes

Don't say I'll miss you
Cause I'll soon be gone
Don't say I'll miss you
Cause you're not the one

In these wicker chairs
By these olive trees
I feel as old as a a vine
In the summer heat
Still your voice it brings me
To my sleep

And these birds they fly
Only in the night
They sing my song
They take my fight
To the skies above
They sing my love
Track Name: Trouble You Invite
I knew one day you would kick down that door
with your fists swinging wild
and your boots on the floor
and I crossed my heart,
held my bible I swore
he might kill me
but oh I never known such love before

you cut through alleys and visit lonely graves
with your firecracker talking
you could stop a rambling train
and I’ve mostly failed
at ever making myself a name
but if you’ll stay by my side I know
I’ll find my own way

don’t be a fool; I know crossing that line
is just your stubborn way of seeing
if I’ll stop your own demise
so less like an anchor
and more like a knife
I'm gon keep your heart from trouble,
even trouble you invite